Our Philosophy

At Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge, our philosophy is to provide a fresh, friendly and local vibe. Our menu features a variety of gourmet coffee bar options, house-crafted natural juices and smoothies, acai bowls and more. We offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch selections, as well as seasonal specials. Our tapas menu presents delicious shareable options to enjoy with friends at any time! Our vibe also brings a variety of live local musicians on select evenings with an occasional visit from various internationally acclaimed musicians who we call ‘friends’. Stay Gold Cafe & Lounge is BYOB, so we encourage our guests to bring their favorite selections to compliment any one of our many dishes.

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Housemade & handcrafted


Açaí, Juices & Smoothies

full of fresh & natural


Sandwiches & Salads

handcrafted and made

to order

Tapas & Small Plates

perfect to share with


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Our customers say…

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